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The Criminal Defense Strategy to save Your Reputation

For any criminal prosecution, your strategy will only work if your criminal defense attorney has a good grip on your case. The dedicated attorney will only find out more about the whole case once he figures out the plan to be executed by the prosecutor. For instance, countering one story of the prosecutor will require another story to be relatable but totally opposite. The way the defense reacts to a particular question on the spot sums up the whole defense strategy. 

What do you consider a perfect defense strategy? With previous evidence, the one that portrays the defendant in the best light possible by presenting a story based on truths is something to go for. It can result in a conviction, plea bargain, a less intensive punishment or even proven not guilty. 

How to create a criminal defense strategy?

The collaboration of the criminal defense lawyer with the defendants is probably the first step. It involves communication between the two with the most accurate story of what exactly happened. It’s not as simple as it sounds. The strategy is a way to prove the defendant’s innocence or lower his/her guilt. It involves a lot more including judging the credibility of the witness, the prevailing reputation of the community, the accuracy of the case made by the police, the reputation of the defendant, etc. Everything will sum up to create one theory of the case with evidence and reliable facts. 

Steps by the lawyer

In most cases, the first step is to file a pretrial motion which means to omit the records of confession made by the defendant because the practices were not constitutional. The lower will also question the eyewitness about being sure of the identification. Any loophole in his accuracy to identify the perpetrator will show so that his identification was flimsy and was not valid beyond a reasonable doubt. This is an argument for not proving the defendant not guilty for an offer for a plea bargain to a lesser charge. There are various other stories that can build up fully in control by the lawyer but that varies according to the case. 

Telling the complete truth to the defense lawyer

Telling the complete truth to the lawyer could fairly lead to a lesser charge at least. For instance, in cases of armed robbery, telling the truth to the attorney can lead to proving the fact that the robbery was actually done but without any fatal weapons. This will surely reduce the intensity of punishment. This was just an example and there could be a lot more cases where the attorney only by knowing your exact story can lead the situation to a safe spot. 

The nature of criminal defense strategies

There are millions of strategies that can be implemented for a criminal defendant depending on the nature of the case and facts. Irrespective of what you have decided, whether to confess the truth or to completely deny the allegations, the attorney is there to support. Look for the explanation given by the criminal defense attorney to understand your case precisely. You can only build a strategy with honesty towards your lawyer and his spontaneity on your behalf. 

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