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Fashionable Suspender

You might have heard about fashionable belts for men going with almost everything but how often do you hear people admiring your fashionable wedding suspenders? Various brands manufacture your belt but have you heard about Gucci manufacturing leather suspenders? The comparison is with the belts because both have a common function that is keeping your pants up. 

Let’s dive deep into how can you nail your fashion game with appropriate suspenders every time you go out for a get-together. Suspenders are known as suit braces which are long stripes made from a certain fabric worn over the shoulders with a clip/button at the end to keep your trousers in place. You can choose between clip suspenders or button suspenders. The shape is also different including X, Y, and H. 

But, we’re not here to tell you the details about suspenders and what they are made of. You already almost know about it. This article just to tell you how to wear them with different attire references. So let’s dive deep into what suspenders can do to your outfit. 

How do you combine suspenders with suits?

Yes, suspenders can really compliment your formal suit. When it comes to conveying your fashion sense, the respect for formal menswear can also be shown with suspenders but only with buttons. Do not ever try clip-ons with a suit. It will look silly no matter you find it funny or not. The formal suit has to be complemented with the formal accessories and a button knitted suspender is the one to go for. Sure, belts are the easier choices but it won’t make you stand out in the crowd. Moreover, it depends upon which color combination you go with. 

How can a tie be combined with a suspender?

Suspenders can really go well with standard or bow ties. One thing to keep in mind is to never match the colors but a good contrast will do the trick. Just choose the contrast color and you are good to go and attend any formal occasion. There’s nothing to worry about while wearing a necktie and suspenders set until the colors and prints exactly match. 

How to use match suspenders with shirts and t-shirts?

It’s a question regarding how much formality there is in an occasion. It again boils down to the color combination like in the case of the ties. A Neutral color shirt will go with almost every other suspender. On the flip side, a bold colored suspender will always go with only a neutral color shirt. When you want to convey a fashion sense, always mix and match the designs. Not only the colors require a good contrast but also the patterns. The texture on your shirt and the button on your suspender must be different and not clashing with each other. Mixing a finely textured shirt with a broader pattern of a suspender or vice versa is a good combination recommended by experts. This is in prerequisite with a good combination of colors. 

Can I combine suspenders with belts?

It is not at all recommended to wear suspenders with a fashionable belt. In fashion terms, it is a big blunder. Have you ever seen someone carrying an umbrella at night? Or it can also be compared with wearing more than one condom. It’s funny, right? Do not ever make that mistake because the belt also serves the same purpose. 

Some other rules to wear suspenders 

Suspenders have given a new touch to any outfit from traditional times. You can combine them with the most casual outfits to the most formal ones. The fabric of a suspender should fair well with the quality of fabric your shirt has to offer. One of the most common rules can be to match the leather suspenders with your shoes. Just make sure to rock your outfit with the right combination and that’s all you need to know about suspenders for men

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