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most Common IRS Problems

Whether you are an individual or business, relying on professional tax services in Pasadena is in your best interest. You will be anyway in need of text services in case you have some problems with the IRS. This is a powerful agency. So you don’t want to make mistake while paying tax or filing a tax return. However, if you don’t understand the tax laws, you are likely to make a mistake without having a helping hand of a tax advisor. Tax services providers deal with the agency on your behalf. If there is some issue,  it is the job of the tax services provider to deal with the IRS  and find an effective solution to the issue. 

In this article, we have listed the most common IRS problems. You will also see how a tax services firm can address these issues on your behalf. 

Even when you don’t want, some circumstances can lead to problems with the agency. The best way to resolve these issues is one-on-one guidance from a tax advisor. Following are the five most common IRS tax problems and respective solutions. 

Years of unsubmitted tax returns 

Always complete and file your tax returns fast. Filing late can lead to penalties. So, you should act before the IRS acts. Once you have successfully filed the returns, determine the payment options available for paying your back tax. Tax advisor analyzes your problem and provides you with a workable solution. 

Owing Back tax that you can’t pay to IRS

Some people can’t pay taxes they owe to the IRS. A tax consultant can help you by making an Offer In Compromise. The tax consultant analyzes and documents your financial situation supporting your position to pay the amount you can afford. If you fall short in qualifying for an offer in compromise and prove that you can’t afford to pay, the IRS will put you in Currently Not Collectible statues. 

IRS has garnished your wages

According to the rules, in the case of wage garnishments, the IRS  has to send the following two notices. 

  • Notice of Intent and Demand 
  • Notice of Intent to Levy and Your Right to a Hearing. 

You can prevent garnishment from happening by reaching out to the IRS after receiving these notices. If the agency is already garnishing your wages, you should approach a tax relief services provider. Professionals can negotiate the removal of the garnishment for you. You can set up an installment agreement to make monthly payments to the agency.       

The agency has levied your bank account 

The agency notifies you and your bank to wait 21 days before sending payment to the agency after the levy has been served. You can hire a tax professional like tax advisor Pasadena to negotiate an offer in compromise or a payment plan for you. Act quickly before you lose your cash from your bank account.

A revenue officer has tried to meet with you 

If you are visited by a revenue officer, this indicates that the top priority is to collect from you. You should ask a tax relief specialist to deal with the officer. 

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